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We are an organization heavily invested in the art of reading. We believe wholeheartedly reading is the focal point of self-improvement, success, and empowerment. To pursue our initiative, we offer a subscription-based mail service delivering substance-enriched reading material to readers of all ages.  Our company specializes in providing experiences, teaching lessons, and provoking thought through the art of storytelling. We take pride in our abilities to effectively narrate short stories using some of life’s most fundamental principles as the basis. We are dedicated to supporting individual generations in an area where support is lacking: essential guidance. We provide guidance that encourages individuality in a world where individuality is often ridiculed and avoided. Our direction is spearheaded by logic, leadership, and self-awareness.

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About Us

Collective Growth Industries was founded with the purpose of providing positive experiences to reading-aged children. This idea came to mind when I was asked by my six-year-old daughter ”When will I get some mail?”. At the time, I couldn’t give a straight answer. I then realized how a small effort from myself could fulfill her request. I could send her something myself, but what would it be? 

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Our Clients Say

The best source of positive reading material I could find for my seven-year-old. She looks forward to receiving her package every month, and it shows up like clockwork. Totally worth the price of admission!

Jeffrey Brown Invested Father

My little ones love receiving mail! Now, they get to receive mail twice a month. Not only are they receiving mail consistently, but it's also mail containing positive messages and encouragement to read. Best subscription ever!

Ayesha Bazille Mom of 2

Company Updates

Why should reading be a part of your daily schedule?

You asked...We've got answers!

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But I Blog too...

Blogs available

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Update from Mr. Collective

We will soon be going live!

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