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What We Do

What We Do

We are an organization heavily invested in the art of reading. We believe wholeheartedly reading is the focal point of self-improvement, success, and empowerment. To pursue our initiative, we offer a subscription-based mail service delivering substance-enriched reading material to readers of all ages.  Our company specializes in providing experiences, teaching lessons, and provoking thought through the art of storytelling. We take pride in our abilities to effectively narrate short stories using some of life’s most fundamental principles as the basis. We are dedicated to supporting individual generations in an area where support is lacking: essential guidance. We provide guidance that encourages individuality in a world where individuality is often ridiculed and avoided. Our direction is spearheaded by logic, leadership, and self-awareness.

As a husband, father, and uncle, I find myself empowering my family by providing them with positive energy and words of encouragement. I take pride in being a source of positivity, love, and wisdom to those I cherish most. I also realize the patience and guidance I pour into my family isn’t widespread. The fact is that everyone needs consistent positivity and encouragement: everyone. Collective Growth Industries exists to assist in filling this void as consistently and conveniently as possible. Convenience is the most sought-after commodity today, but it seems as though convenience is primarily provided for products offering minimal or nominal benefit. This abundance of convenience has weakened the minds, which have cut the existence of effort. At Collective Growth Industries, we consider ourselves a necessary convenience. We conveniently provide guidance, positivity, and education: the type of convenience which offers immeasurable benefits to its users and provokes the desire to put forth an effort of a more significant proportion. As the world evolves, it is clear that the original teachings of principalities are suffering from their inconsistent instructions. Our goal is to entertain and leave our readers with a lifelong lesson—a lesson that will assist in the present day and throughout life.

In conjunction with our writing, we create our illustrations as well. I place each story on a customized background created using the latest graphic design software. I am a self-taught Adobe user, and the amount of effort put into every piece of work is a full expression of my dedication to the craft. Our goal is to inspire and teach while entertaining. While my efforts in the graphic arts department are relatively new, they are growing daily as I strengthen my experience through continued efforts and practice.

We look forward to partnering with you and your family and are fully dedicated to your experiences with Collective Growth Industries.

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